“Stefan is without a doubt one of the strongest consultants I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His focus on quality and results are unrivaled. The comments of our clients have varied between very good and great. I would recommend him to anyone who is lucky enough to be able to work with him.”

Waldo Vervoort
Associate Director Clinical Research at Vandycke & Partners / Mediconsult

“During the period I reported to him, Stefan has always provided me the optimal guidance, support and inspiration. He was always cooperative and it was a pleasure to collaborate with him. I am confident that Stefan constitutes an asset to any organization that wishes to his skills, expertise, experience and his open, enthusiastic and collegial personality. I wish Stefan continuous success and progress in his career.”

Shifra Shavit
Senior Clinical Research Associate/Contractor at RPS

“My collaboration with Stefan was very stimulating. A very proactive person, he is easily available to answer questions. He follows very carefully the studies he is responsible for and has a strong work ethics. Highly reliable person !”

Lucas Biela
Clinical Project Leader at CERC

“I met Stefan for the first time during a leadership course. As a trainer and coach I very much appreciated his way of participating during this course of 15 days (spread over almost a year). He showed a kind of passion I admire in people. Trust, integrity, drive, focus and caring for people are values which I noticed in his way of being and doing. I’m wishing him lots of success !”

Philippe Bailleur
Owner – Founder at Living Systems Coaching

“Tanja was able to manage the trials independtly with a high degree of laibility. Also the trials with a high difficulty. Tanja was also responsible to give training to new colleagues about certain aspects of Phase I. I always liked to work together with Tanja.”

Kris Marien
Director Global Clinical Research at Tibotec – Johnson & Johnson


During our time working together, I found that Tanja was an enthusiast, experienced study manager who could manage difficult studies and teams thanks to her personal friendly touch, her dedication and continued effort to keep the team motivated. She brings a pragmatic approach to     the team. She works well independently, but knows perfectly when and how she needs to communicate issues and successes

Marina Cools

Clinical Program Director at Shire Pharmaceuticals